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First Alarm Assist to Oxford - 3400 Block Newark Road
Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday November 6th at 05:49 Station 21 (Oxford) Station27 was dispatched on Fire Box 2108 the 3400 block of Newark rd. Upper Oxford Township for the Dwelling. Deputy 21(Prettyman) went in route with the report of fire in the area of the chimney that was spreading to the roof. Deputy 21 was first to arrive, with fire from the roof of a 3 Story Farmhouse. He then requested the Working Fire Dispatch, which re-alerted Stations 21 and 27 and added Engine and Ladder 22 (West Grove), Lancaster Engine 51-1 (Bart Township) for the Rapid Intervention Team, and Medic 94 (SCCEMS). Deputy 21 then assumed the "Newark Road Command", while Chief 21 (Kelley) took Operations upon arrival. Engine 21-1 arrived and stretched 600' of 5" supply line up the driveway. The crew deployed a hand line and made access to the 3rd floor. Engine 27-5 arrived and picked up the 5" sent the crew to the scene, crew pulled a backup line and checked for extension on the 2nd floor. Engine 27-2 and Rescue 27 arrived sent manpower to the fire scene. A very aggressive fire attack from the crew of Engine 21-1 limited the damages. Units on the scene: Engine 21-1, Ladder 21, Tanker 21, Engine 21-2, Rescue 21, Ambulance 21-2 Engine 27-2, Engine 27-5, Rescue 27, Engine 22, Ladder 22, Engine 51-1, Medic 94-1, FM 101, and FM 102. Station 27 units were available @ 07:04 Thank-you to Lancaster County Station 52(Christiana) For the Cover up assignment.

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